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All of the horses at Hope Haven have been donated and we consider them our horse angels. We pride ourselves in giving the best care possible to our animals as they are the main focus of helping our clients and they are loved by many.  Hope Haven accepts donations  of  horses on a need to basis which we evaluate quarterly.  Please note that we receive more phone calls for donated horses than we have the need, space, or budget  for and therefore we cannot guarantee that any horse will be accepted at any time.  However we do encourage you to print off the horse evaluation form and e-mail it to us if you have a potential prospect.  Even though we may not be accepting horses at the present, we can always forward the form to other therapeutic riding centers in Indiana or post it with the Indiana Horse Council’s therapeutic riding division.    

Things to consider when thinking of donating:  Not every horse is suitable for therapeutic riding.  In working with our identified clientele there are factors that must be considered to enable us to provide the safest possible environment for our riders, volunteers, and staff.   At Hope Haven we look at their temperament (number one), size, age, gait, conformation, soundness, and experience in and out of the show ring.

Donated horse process:  After filling out the application, we will contact you to let you know one way or another if we are accepting horses at that time.   If we are accepting horses and your horse qualifies, you will then receive a phone call to set up a time for our staff to come and meet the horse.  We would like to see the horse ridden by the owner as well as one of our qualified staff.  The horse would then need to be shipped to our farm where it would undergo a three month trial period.  A contract will be signed during this trial period between Hope Haven and the potential donor.  During this three month trial period the horse is evaluated, ridden by staff or volunteers, trained to special needs equipment, ridden by volunteers in actual lessons, trail ridden, and shown at one to two local shows.  If the horse continues to meet our standards it will then be introduced slowly into the lesson program. 

Hope Haven has developed this process to guarantee that all parties involved including you the donor, our staff, clientele, and your beloved horses are given the best opportunities to have a wonderful new home.  A home in which they are guaranteed to give and receive the unconditional love they so deserve.

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